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On July 2, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and The Giving Institute are partnering to provide a FREE WEBINAR, "Giving USA 2014: Looking Back, Gazing Ahead," delving into the data, trends and tools that Giving USA 2014 offers.  Click HERE to register and for more information. 

JULY 22:
The Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter is hosting the July 22 AFP Webinar, "Building Donor Loyalty: How to Double Your Major Gift Revenue,"  presented by Rachel Muir, CFRE, at Gundersen Health Foundation.

Whether you have no staff or a 10-person development team, an effective major gift program can bring in more revenue than any other fundraising strategy. A healthy major gift program can bring in 80% of an organizations revenue. The key to success lies in donor retention. Retaining donors is where fundraising profit is made, however organizations lose two out of three donors after the first gift. In a recent study 69% of nonprofits said they do not or don’t know if they have a strategy for maintaining donor loyalty and a whopping 29% admitted they do nothing when a donor lapses. This is costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in value. Why are we losing so many donors? What can we do to prevent it? Come learn the number one reason why donors stop giving, how investing in major gifts pays off, and how to create a donor loyalty strategy now to deepen their your donor's engagement and increase their giving. The Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter is providing this webinar FREE to its members.  The public may attend for $25. 

RSVPs required by July 16.  You may contact Betty Sacia at 608-775-1575 or

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Jul 31 - Crowdfunding Part 1—The Fundraising Fad, Turned Staple
(July 30, 2014) Bringing in billions of dollars each year, with a steady increase as of late (up 50 percent from 2012 to 2013), the crowdfunding “fad” doesn’t seem to be letting up. This round-up will help you fully understand crowdfunding and the different options available, the pros and cons to running a campaign, when you should (and shouldn’t) resort to crowdfunding and some inspirational campaigns that will give you the extra push you need! ... more >